The bad news is, once again, I didn’t get chemo: The good news is, I didn’t get chemo!

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So, presently my oncologist is trying to figure out what’s going on with my breathing issues and blood tests have not been good.  My tumor markers are going up, which has never happened in the last three years.


They weren’t reliable, (stupid tumor markers) in my case for whatever reason. So, now I haven’t had Chemo in 3 weeks, and you would think I’d be doing cartwheels around the school but, Nooooo!
I haven’t felt better. I have felt worse. I might be allergic to the chemo, so he’s putting me on steroids for now, to bring down any internal swelling.


My oncologist is going to look at the CAT Scan, I had at Tarzana Medical Center ER.  The doctor who took care of me there said that the radiologist thought he saw some progression on the top of my spine.
So, that’s the cancer update for the day.


Thank you to everyone who signed up to follow my blog! I really appreciate it and hope you will enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.


There are other reasons I wanted to start a blog.
It’s genuinely cathartic for me to spew all this into a blog or journal.
For one, I feel better after writing, and two I don’t have to answer as many questions from all my family and friends. Of course, I will clarify anything for anyone, if needed but hopefully, you’ll get the gist of it.


Another “Yuge” reason is to raise awareness of MBC
(Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.)
Many people believe breast cancer gets tons of attention with all their awareness campaigns: life runs, walks and triathlons.
Places like Susan G. Komen raise millions of dollars, and how much of that goes to research for MBC? 7%!!!!
How ridiculous is that?!?!


If you want to make a difference in my life, and many other women suffering from this disease;
Please donate to
Where 100% of your donations will go to research;
To work on finding a cure or at least the next thing to keep us alive long enough to make it to the next significant breakthrough.


You may be wondering why I’m wearing a golf hat in the featured photo.
I couldn’t find too much funny losing my hair twice in three years!
Of course, I know it’s coming back but, it’s so frustrating to have to go through this again.


So, one of my bright and talented friends, Shie Rozow, unexpectedly sent me a big ass box of funny hats. At first, I thought they were for the kids, who hate wearing hats.  My hubby informed me that they were for me and, I came up with a plan to wear one goofy hat every time I drop or pick up the kids from school. I’ve been posting these on Facebook and Instagram and, they will eventually get posted on here.


The reason the golf hat is so important to mention now is that I wore it to Starbucks after dropping off the kids at school to meet a friend.  Most people just looked at me funny, and some stopped me to ask if I was going to a tournament or they told me how their uncle or nephew would love one of those.As I sat down next to another gentleman, he also asked if I was really into golf.  Since he was sort of trapped there next to me, I explained how I’ve now lost my hair two times in three years due to Breast Cancer, and I decided to make it a positive a fun thing for my twins.


I let them choose which hat when I go with them to school.
This gentleman actually said to me, “Haven’t they cured that by now?” Ah, my perfect subject to spread awareness. There also was a man on the other side of the table, who was listening in to the conversation; He looked familiar, like a newscaster or actor.


He seemed to be taking it very hard as I saw him crying several times and walking away from the table to go wipe his tears. (That was sad, I don’t like making people cry, wich I do a lot more of these days.)


Anyhoo, the guy next to me had a sister with ovarian cancer, and she had died after six years. I told him how the doctors don’t tell you this, but no matter what stage you are at the beginning, even if you do everything right, there’s still a 30% chance you will progress to Stage 4 where it spreads to bones, liver, brain and other places.


I mentioned how much my kids were enjoying seeing me wear the hats. I mean, seriously, what do I have to lose?!?
I told him about Susan G. Komen not using their donations for research. Of course, he was surprised.


My friend arrived and the nice looking man who I wasn’t really talking to, nodded his head at me as if we were discussing this serious subject the whole time. Sort of like a take care of yourself lady.
I would love to raise awareness of Ella’s diseases.
TSA (Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance)
and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Pkd Foundation
Both are excellent places to put your donations.


There is one more reason that I think I will have a lot of fun with in this blog or if it becomes a book someday.
Doctor’s specialize in what they know. You can ask a million questions, but they will still fail to mention things that are important or obvious. You have no idea what question to ask until it’s too late.


have many examples of this happening to me, and many friends and family who’ve told me ridiculous stories. So, with their permission, I hope to share with you some of their stories.


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