Short and Funny post, today.

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Gotta use my humor to get through a weekend like I had.

Seeing P!NK on Thursday was absolutely amazing.  Never seen anything like it.  But, after the show, I could barely breathe and had a very difficult time getting out of the Staples Center.  Now, that I’ve had time to think about it, I have a conspiracy theory.  She was flying around stealing all our breath, just like a cat!


All I know is that she stole my energy and breath away.  No one can sing, flying around a stadium and not be exhausted.  Just not possible!

P!NK in concert

The problem with some people is that they’re breathing


All kidding aside, I have a rough weekend.  Today, I’m seeing my oncologist and trying to nail down what’s going on with my breathing and dizziness.


What do you do when you stuck in bed?  Either you watch a lot of TV and go on FB ten thousand times a day or you try to make yourself useful.


My Mother-in-law went back east for the week, so I had to set up play dates and people to pick up kids in afternoon.  I’m using every last breath to take them to school wearing these hilarious hats and then I’m usually done for the day.


Yesterday, was so incredibly exciting.  I had to follow up with my Plastic Surgeon on a wound that won’t heal.  The scheduling person said, “Are you in the valley?”  I said, “yes, I am”  


“Well, Dr. F. just opened an office in Encino.  Would you like to go there?”


“Would I?”  Between Ella and I, we have about 20 doctors only 1 other is in the valley, near us.  This was such exciting news!  This is what makes my day, these days.  Not having to drive an hour there and back.  Hallelujah!


Bruce discovered his taste for blood!
Here’s Brucey! “We’re having fish for dinner tonight!”



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