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Usually, I’m pretty upbeat about my cancer, but after these last few months finding out some of my friends are having recurrences, just getting cancer, or their parents are getting cancer, makes me hate it even more!


They are having major brain surgery or struggling with various chronic illnesses.  

They’ve gone through losing a mother too early to cancer.

The list goes on and on, and I hate to see my friend’s go through this as much as they hate seeing me go through it.

                               I do not like cancer


  • I hate what it has done to my body.  Not just on the outside, but on the inside, too.  Having substantial breathing issues is no fun.


  • I hate what it’s doing to my family.  The longer this goes on, the more munchkins are going to understand, which makes them angry, sad, worried, mad and hating cancer as much as I do.


  • I hate the fact that my daughter is so worried about me “passing” that she climbs into my bed at night, and just lock her arms and feet around my entire body, so that she can make sure I’m not going to “pass.”


  • I hate that I can barely do anything with my kids anymore.  I try, but I’m very week, and can’t do much in the heat or stand for very long.  Again, the children see this and can’t grasp it all.


  • I hate that more and more of my friends are having to go through recurrences or brand new cancers.


  • I hate that they have to go through Chemotherapy because it’s just the worst!


  • I hate how it affects our caretakers and loved ones.  How they work so hard keeping everything together for the family after working a full-time job.


  • I hate how one family can go through cancer, have a decent outcome for years, then her husband gets pancreatic cancer and dies within months, and now she has another recurrence.  Like WTF?!?


  • I hate this statistic:  If 110 people were dying every day from anything else, wouldn’t there be panic, a rush to find a cure, pulling out all stops?!? I’m asking a fair question. You might be inclined to say, but we hear of breast cancer cures all the time! Or early findings are 99 percent curable. Usually, there are pink ribbons nearby and celebrations with confetti and balloons. Fact: There is no 100 percent assurance of a cure! Despite the success of radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy, it’s has been scientifically proven that 30 percent of people will go on to metastasize regardless of their clean bill of health after treatment.


  • I also really hate that people think breast cancer is easy to treat, and that they’ve figured that one out, as was told to me by a guy in Starbucks.  Yeah, they definitely raised awareness, and that’s terrific, but why keep all that money for outreach, and pretty pink merchandise, when only 7% is going to research.  Susan was in Stage 4 as well.  I don’t think she would be happy about this.


  • And this is one more than 10-But, why don’t the doctor’s tell you about these facts?  They do tell you about your chances of recurrence, but I have spoken to many people who were never told that no matter what stage you start off as you had a 30% chance of cancer metastasizing into Stage 4.





5 thoughts on “I hate cancer!

  1. Although its probably hard for you to feel this love the universe or God has for you, ibelieve this to be true. I love you to bits at fhe very least.

  2. And I hate what cancer is doing to you, your wonderful kids, your menchy husband, your parents, your extended family and friends. Please continue to fight it because so many people love you so much.

    P. S. Sorry for the messed up comment on your mench post.

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